Centreline’s Part-145 engineering team, as part of a major maintenance program including a Doc.10 inspection, has completed an ADSB-Out modification on a CJ2+. The modification has been developed in conjunction with EASA Part-21 DOA Morson Projects Limited.

Both (TDR-94D) transponders were upgraded to ADS-B capable units by Rockwell Collins. The aircraft was modified by creating a new wiring interface between the GPS receiver and the transponders, this allows for the precision GPS data to be transmitted.  An annunciator was installed in the instrument panel to show when either transponder fails, or either GPS input fails.

The modification is available for installation at Centreline to 525A CJ2+ aircraft from S/N 525A-0300 onwards. It can apply to aircraft installed with or without a WAAS GPS systems installed, a non WAAS GPS equipped aircraft will require a GPS update in addition to transponder modifications.

For more information on Centreline’s maintenance and modification capabilities or to request a proposal, please contact us at dan.water@centreline.aero.