Our Charity Partner

Lia's Wings

Pula Aviation Services is proud to choose Lia’s Wings as our chosen charity partner, with an agreement to donate three years of non-restricted funding to the charity.

Lia's Wings

Lia’s Wings (formerly known as Lucy Air Ambulance for Children) is a national charity that provides hospital air transfers for children. They ensure babies and critically ill children can access specialist treatment and care, wherever they are in the UK.

As part of our group, Capital Air Ambulance, works closely with the charity as their preferred provider alongside NHS transport teams throughout the UK to provide a vital bed-to-bed service for children, using aeroplanes. Their air transfers provide life-changing outcomes for children, including children being discharged from long hospital stays, overcoming diseases like cancer, and receiving vital diagnosis which enables families to gain extra support.

This incredible service is not funded by the NHS. Instead, their small charity team work tirelessly to raise funds for every transfer. Due to current funding, they are only able to fly 2 out of every 4 children that need their service. 

How you can help?

Support Lia's Wings by donating here: www.lias-wings.org.uk or follow them on social media: